My new blog

Hey everybody welcome to my blog. The blog name “iron caveman” is taken from my interest and attempted unwavering dedication to fitness (iron) and the paleo diet (caveman). My intentions are to share knowledge I obtain about these subjects as well as thoughts and ideas about daily life that are produced by my ADD brain. Also, although an unwilling participant, I will somehow involve my girlfriend in my daily blogging activities until she willingly succumbs to the dark side. Until then I will just absorb the wealth of information she has to offer and claim it as my own. I hope you you enjoy and thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “My new blog

  1. So I must tell you, when I first read this post, I read it as when I willingly succumb to the “DORK” side. I thought that mis-read actually kinda worked quite well though. 🙂 And my love…I hope you at least acknowledge my genius when you steal it! 😉

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