It’s been a while

It has been quite some time since I’ve made a post and man have there been some changes in my life.

I married my beautiful wife on May 18th of 2013. I moved my family into the same home that I spent much of my childhood in. I decided to take a break from Crossfit after taking a long look at how my body and fitness had responded to it after a year’s time.

I’ve had several epiphanies about life. The first is that there’s always millions of people around the world who are worse off than me. The second is that chronic negativity is a disease that can spread from one person to the next like a plague and sicken people just like any other mental or physical ailment. The 3rd is that marriage is what you make of it. It takes a conscious effort to make a marriage work, including research, prayer, studying, patience and hard work. It doesn’t just happen. The final epiphanie that I will share with you is that committing oneself to a belief and a faith in God can definitely bring peace of mind.

All that being said, I plan to continue my blog and consistently make posts sharing any insight I can give about fitness and diet based on my own experiences. I hope that the knowledge I have obtained over the years can help you with any goals you have concerning your fitness or diet.

Thanks for reading!

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