Stop Drifting and Start Paddling

Stop drifting through your life as a passenger. Instead take control and start paddling. Know what’s going on around you and plan the routes to take on a journey to success.
We all know what I said above is much easier said than done but it is possible. The key to stop drifting is finding a good paddle. If you’ve ever been kayaking or canoeing or have just taken a little skiff out into a bay, you know the importance of having a good paddle. Get out on that water and just let the current take you and see what happens. If you are a regular traveler on that particular body of water the current may be quite predictable but throw in a little wind and you never know where you will end up. So let’s say instead of using a strong sturdy paddle you decide to try and get by using just your hand to try and steer your boat. You’ll find that this is not very effective or energy efficient. Unless you have webbed fingers.
What is a paddle?
This seems like a pretty simple question. But let’s look at it figuratively. What can be used as a paddle in your life to make your successful.

Take a look at any millionaires home and you will most likely find an extensive library full of fiction and non fiction books. Reading on a daily basis can fill your head with knowledge. Non fiction is okay but fiction is more instructional. Reading non fiction can help you learn. This is a very effect paddle.
Get some exercise at least 3 days a week. I’m not just talking about playing with the dogs or kids, I’m taking about actually training to achieve measurable results. Resistance training, cardiovascular training, interval training; a combination of all three. There are also sports specific training that can be combined with a sport you enjoy playing. This kind of training can allow you to perform better at your sport, making it more enjoyable to play and making you a formidable competitor.

Increase your brain power by learning something new is a great way to paddle towards success.
Whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, another language, painting, writing, how to hang drywall, gardening, etc. There are an infinite number of very interesting things to learn out there.
Learning and reading go hand in hand because usually it helps to read in order to learn how to do something. Of course nowadays there is YouTube which in my opinion is indispensable when trying to learn how to do something. It seems there is a limitless number of how to videos on YouTube about any subject you can think of. For example I learned how to change the oil and the brakes on my truck by watching YouTube.

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